• Bovec (Italian: Plezzo, German: Flitsch, Friulian: Plèz)
  • Population: 1700
  • Height above sea level: 483 m
  • Average summer temperature: 25 °C
  • Average winter temperature: 3 °C

Bovec is a town just by Triglav National Park and is the centre of the Upper Soča Valley. You can find some unique villages in the Bovec Comunity: Srpenica, Žaga, Log Čezsoški, Čezsoča, Plužna, Log pod Mangrtom, Kal-Koritnica, Lepena, Soča and Trenta.

Bovec attracts especially with a wide array of sports activities, for adrenaline junkies and those who just want to relax in the nature. The town’s upbeat rhythm is maintained by numerous sports agencies, all kinds of events, and the hospitable locals.

The earliest mention of Bovec is from 1174, but the history of this area stretches much further back in time – to the Roman road through Predel and to the finds from the early Iron Age. In the past for Bovec was important trade route between the port of Triest and Wienna that passed the town. Later, the Bovec area was affected by the first World War battles.
Today you can follow the traces from that time on the Walks of Peace.
The valleys arround Bovec are a playground for all kinds of sports all year round.
In winter time the main attraction is the Kanin ski centre (closed until further notice),but arround Bovec there are pistes for cross country skiing, and different sports agencies can take you on snow-shoe trips and sledding.
From spring time to autumn there are several biking, hiking and mountaineering trails to be explored, horseback trips to be taken, golf games to be played and a wide array of different white-water sports on the Soča river to choose from.
The small sports airfield just by Bovec is interesting for paragliders and gliders all year round.


Top Natural Experiences

  • Boka waterfall, Slovenia’s most majestic waterfall, 106 m high
  • Soča Great Gorge – 750 m long and up to 15 m deep
  • Krn lake (1391 m) Slovenia’s largest mountain lake
  • Mountain road to Mangartsko sedlo (2055m), Slovenia’s highest mountain road
  • Vršič mountain pass (1611 m), Slovenia’s highest mountain pass
  • Šunik’s Water Hurst – waterfalls and pools in Lepena valley
  • Kanin-Sella Nevea (2300 m), Slovenia’s highest ski resort (closed until further notice)
  • Alpinum Juliana – Alpine botanical garden in the Trenta Valley
  • Soča Trail – natural science educational path of the Triglav National Park leading from the Soča River spring to Bovec

Top Cultural Experiences

  • 1313 performance in the Kluže Fort,
  • Walk of Peace from Bovec to the Kluže fort, performance by Društvo 1313,
  • souvenir shop “Od ovce do izdelka” (From Sheep to Product);
  • sample the delicious krafi (dough pockets) in one of the Bovec restaurants and taverns;
  • visit the Trenta Fair;
  • enjoy refreshments of whey and Bovec cheese on the Mangart plain.
  • visit the Stergulc House museum (in Bovec) and find out about the rich history of Bovec

By Car

Bovec – Ljubljana 135 km
Bovec – Bled 90 km
Bovec – Kranjska Gora 45 km
Bovec – Nova Gorica 75 km
Bovec – Udine 65 km

By Bus

Bus carrier Avrigo operates bus services between Ljubljana and Nova Gorica several times a day. In summer, buses also run to Kranjska Gora and Bled.

More information: http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/eng 


By TRain

The closest Railway Stations:

  • Tarvisio Boscoverde Railway Station (ITA) 30 km from Bovec
  • Most na Soči Railway Station (SLO) 42 km from Bovec

By Plane

The closest Airports:

  • Ljubljana Airport 110 km from Bovec
  • Klagenfurt Airport 100 km from Bovec
  • Triest Airport 90 km from Bovec