The Kamnik–Savinja Alps are a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps and are located in northern Slovenia, except for the northern-most part, which lies in Austria. The western part of the range was named Kamnik Alps after the town of Kamnik in the valley of the Kamnik Bistrica River. Its eastern part was named Savinja or Solčava Alps after the Solčava settlement and the main river, the upper Savinja.

The Kamnik–Savinja Alps are located south of the Karavanke range at the border of Austria and Slovenia, stretching from the Sava River in the west to the Savinja in the east, where the adjacent Slovenian Prealps with the Pohorje range, the Celje Hills at the Dravinja River, as well as the Sava Hills are located. The entire main chain is today part of Slovenia. In summer cows graze peacefully on the Velika Planina plateau (1500-1600 m) while in winter ski lifts transport winter sport lovers up the slopes. You can get to the plateau from the north by lift from the Kamnik-Bistrica valley up to the 1666 m high Gradisce peak or you can drive up to 1000 m by car.The most important mountain passes in the region are the Jezersko Sedlo between Austrian Carinthia and the Slovene Jezersko municipality as  well as the Pavlič Pass.

Dotted around this region you’ll see examples of alpine folk architecture like a wooden chapel or huts snuggled into the luscious green valleys surrounded by thick pine forrest. A glacier formed the Logarska dolina valley – a nature park that has 20 waterfalls alone like the Rinka or Planek. The valley has three parts the lower area Log, and the central section Past, are mainly meadows while forests cover large portions of the upper part. In total, 28 peaks surpass 2000 m. The total area of the Slovene part is about 900 km². About three quarters of the surface are overgrown with forest while many of the higher peaks are bleak and rocky.

The Kamnik-Savinja region is stunningly beautiful and has an amazing diversity of natural features. It is also unspoilt and a great place to get away from it all and enjoy a variety of adventure holidays suitable for all ages and abilities – join us on one of our trips and you’ll have a  memorable experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life…


Primary peaks in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps include:-

  • Grintovec – 2558 m (8392 ft)
  • Jezerska Kočna – 2540 m (8333 ft)
  • Skuta – 2532 m (8307 ft)
  • Ojstrica – 2350 m (7710 ft)
  • Storžič – 2132 m (6995 ft)
  • Planjava – 2394 m (7854 ft)
  • Brana – 2253 m (7392 ft)
  • Koroška Rinka – 2433 m (7982 ft)
  • Mrzla gora – 2203 m (7228 ft)
  • Krofička – 2,083 m (6,834 ft)
  • Kalški Greben – 2,224 m (7,297 ft)